Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Min egen drage

Jeg har lenge ønsket å designe min egen nuperelledrage, men den har ikke villet komme fram. Nå skjønner jeg hvorfor; jeg kunne ikke de teknikkene som var nødvendig.

Tidligere i sommer lærte jeg meg enskyttelsplitringer, en teknikk hvor man lager en ring med en skyttel og hvor tråden ender opp en annen plass enn i starten som den gjør på vanlige ringer. Da jeg lærte meg enskyttelsplittringer dukket halen til dragen opp, og kroppen kom etter ganske raskt. Halsen og hodet trengte litt lengre tid, men dukket opp de også. Vingene lot vente på seg, men dukket opp her om dagen, så nå er dragen ferdig!

Mønsteret vil komme på Nuperellenettet etter hvert.

English summary
I have been thinking about designing my own tatted dragon for a while, but it has been hiding. Now I know why; I did not know the techniques I needed to tat it.

Earlier this summer I learned how to do Single Shuttle Split Rings, using the technique described by Mathew Takeda. When I practised these the tail of the dragon appeared. The body followed closely and the neck and head came after a while. The wings were slow to come, but they appeared the other day and now the dragon is done!

The pattern will be available at my tatting site later on.


Iris Niebach said...

my compliments, this dragon is georgeous

Gina said...

I love this dragon...the wings especially, but the shape fits perfectly for many applications also. Looking forward to the pattern!
:-) Gina

zarina said...

Hi - I love your blog. Got it off the 25 motifs challenge. It also push me to finish the knitted shawl which has been stalled for nearly half a year.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Your dragon is so darn cute!! Looking forward to the pattern. I also wanted to comment on all your nice doilies. Very Nice!

Martha said...

This is a wonderful dragon. I'm looking forward to the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
I also came from the 25 motif Challenge because of the very beautifull dragon.
Is it ok to make a link on my weblog?


zarina said...

Creating the link is the best that can be done - it not only shows the origin but also provide more 'hits' for the owner.

AnneB said...

Thank you for all the nice words on my dragon :-)
The pattern is now tested, and now need some translation.

No problem, lillylauma, make all the links you want.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! You are on my weblog now:
I hope you can read Dutch :-D
Only very nice things about your blog, trust me :-)


Anonymous said...

For en nydelig drage! Er det virkelig mulig å lage noe så vakkert? Dette vil jeg også prøve engang.

Rob said...

What a wonderful pattern. I must show it to my mother (when I am done tatting it)

Thank you!

Lucia said...

I recently made a pattern for a blue dragon slug (Glaucus atlanticus) which was visually inspired by this lovely dragon pattern. I know that your original pattern is free (and thank you so much for sharing it!) but I wonder if you would let me sell my blue dragon slug pattern or any blue dragon slugs I make? The techniques differ--for example, I didn't use any single shuttle split rings--so I hope it's different enough. If you like, I can send you an image of my blue dragon slug so you can decide.
Thank you very much!