Saturday, March 27, 2010


Trengte en pause fra den store duken og hadde bruk for et par "hvordan" bilder. Dette motivet er fra "the Shuttlebrother"s bok Tatting the Gr-8 Self-Closing Mock Ring, nærmere bestemt motiv 10.

English summary
Needed a break from the reconstruction project and needed a coupple of "how-to" photos. This is Motif 10 from the book Tatting the Gr-8 Self-Closing Mock Ring by the Shuttle Brothers.


Fox said...

Pretty! I forgot how lovely this was - I have that book as well.

You have done a great job... I will have to get that page out.... sometime!
Fox : )

Valerie said...

this is a beautiful piece! great work.

Bonnie said...