Monday, October 8, 2012

Ny (?) hobby og ny kjeksboks

En gang på 90-tallet syslet jeg litt med å lage kjeder av metallringer. Med en lokal leverandør og mer spennende ringer en sist, er hobbyen hentet fram igjen.

Jeg har også fått en ny kakeboks. Den brukte tre! dager fra bestilling, sending fra Virginia, USA, til ankomst Tromsø. Det må være litt TARDIS teknologi i den! Tro om den også er større på innsiden.

English summary
New/old hobby (refreshed from the '90ies): Chain Maille and new cookie box. The later have some TARDIS technology bringing it from Virginia, USA to Tromsø, Norway in only 3 days! Time will show if it is larger on the inside too...


picotsnkeys said...

I love the cookie box!!!

My daughter decorated her door to her room at college with a blue sheet to look like a tardis. I have the picture somewhere.

As for chain mail. That is so cool.

Hope you can find a bit of sun each day.

nupleren said...

I have tested my cookie jar (similar to yours), and it does hold a lot of cookies. It's definitely bigger on the inside :-)
And my husband is not very happy about the sound it makes. He's talking about removing batteries....

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Liyarra said...

Anne - the TARDIS cookie jar MUST be bigger on the inside - the cookies always seem to disappear so quickly and surely we don't eat them? So they must be falling down into the library...and hopefully not into the pool!!
Love your site and catching up on what you are doing in the tatting world.

dane said...

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