Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trådtest: DMC Babylo nr 20

Spennende garn for nupereller er en mangelvare i norske butikker, men her er et garn som kan finnes. DMC Babylo finnes i flere tykkelser og her har jeg brukt nr 20. Fargeskiftingen er så rask at du kan få to lyse partier og to lyse på samme ring. Dette gjør at det ikke vises at ringer og buer ikke kommer av samme tråden. Garnet er mykere enn cordonnet, men holder formen fint. Dette er et garn jeg kommer til å bruke mere.

English summary
This is made using DMC Babylo. It is a bit softer than most threads used for tatting, but it hold its shape very well and is easy to use. The colour changes quick enough to get two bright and two dark aeras at the same ring. This makes it harder to spot that the chains and rings are made from diferent threads.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've never heard of this thread before, but it is very pretty! The pattern is beautiful! Is it your design?

AnneB said...

Yes it is mine. Though, it is so simple that something similar might have been done before. I call it the Dragon Wing Doily.

Fox said...

I love this motif! It is quirky, with a hint of movement... lovely design.
Fox : )

ps I like the quick colour transitions in the thread in this design - might add to the sense of motion.

IsDihara said...

What a wonderful nine-sided doily! Bellissima!