Sunday, September 20, 2009

Litt oppdatering på

Har lagt ut norsk versjon av mønsteret til den kinesiske dragen på nuperellenettet. Jeg har også lagt ut mønster til en liten engel med enskytelsplitringer.

English summary
You'll find a pattern on SSSR Angleshere. Same as was used for the Christmas in July Special Event on the online beginners tatting class.


Unknown said...

Very pretty, Anne!

❃Hilde said...

søte engler

Kathy Niklewicz said...

These are very sweet angels and will be good practice for SSSRs and SCMR's, which I rarely have done. Thanks for you generosity in sharing the pattern! All your tatting is lovely. Thats a very clever dragon, also!

As a knitter, I must mention the gorgeous shawl! I was rather speechless looking at it! Just beautiful!

Also, I enjoy your travel photos! Thanks so much for posting them, along with your narratives, which you translate into English. I'm envious of your language skills.

I can't imagine traveling to China, although I have a cousin who has visited several times, and even taught English there for a year, which he enjoyed.

Thanks again for the pattern. I like the 'shorthand' system you used.