Friday, June 12, 2009


Nuperelledrager kommer i flere forskjellige varianter. Her er to. En brukes til å lage nupereller og er kjøpt fra the Shuttle Shop, den andre er laget i nupereller.

English summary
Dragons comes in all kinds in tatting. Here are two. Ond is used to make tatting and is bought from the Shuttle Shop, the other is tatted.


Fox said...

Beautiful! I am eagerly awaiting my very own shuttle from the Shuttle Shop! Yours is unique! I cannot wait to see how it feels... Fox : )

Susanne said...

Oh that is a lovely shuttle. They are so nice to hold in your hand.

marco said...

hello Anne, i love those dragons, will you send me a private email please.
i am from the dutch tatting guild and have a question for you.
my email is :

thank you