Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Katta strofe - nesten

Hva som skjer når "tante" ikke har med seg den spennende strikkebagen
What happens when "auntie" does not bring the exciting knitting bag

Med min brors katt og mine nuperelleposer
Featuring my brothers cat and my tatting bags

Um – er det en katt?
Og mine nuperelleposer?
Um – is that a cat?
And my tatting bags?

Mye redd tråd der nede
Lots of scared thread down there


En beseiret nuperellepose! Men nuperellene ble berget unna i tide.
Tatting bag conquered! But the tatting was rescued just in time.

NB! Ingen nupereller ble skadet under denne fotoserien.
Please note: No tatting was hurt during this sequence


Unknown said...

LOL! THat is too funny! What a cute kittycat! Love the phrase "no tatting was hurt" so cute! :)

Nunt said...

Independently from the size of the bag in question, if there is a cat around it is a universal truth and unbreakable rule that the cat WILL get itself into the bag.

Bag owner: Adapt. These forces are stronger than you.

marteks said...

:-D Fantastisk bildeserie! De er så artige når de blir ferska. Godt du fikk redda nuperellene i tide.