Monday, April 13, 2009


Jeg har fulgt et kurs i en spesiell nuperelleteknikk på internett: hvordan slå nupereller ved hjelp av en nål. Her er eksamensarbeidet: en bord og en brikke.

Brikken er laget i Flora no 10 og borden i DMC perle no 8.

Jeg har litt mer øvelse igjen for å få ringene like store og litt mer eksperimentering med nål/tråd kombinasjoner, men dette er en start.

English summary
I have been following the online class in needletatting by Georgia Seitz. This is the graduation works – an edging and a doily. The edging is done in DMC perle cotton no 8, and if you look closely you'll find that the small floating Josephine knots are done in two different ways: two are done by using SLT and a ring in SCMR style, the others are true rings made by using the ball thread.

The doily is done using Flora 10. I don't like this thread for shuttle tatting, and I found that I don't like it for needle tatting either.

I need more exercise to get the rings the same size when using perle cotton, and more experimenting with thread/needle combinations.

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Liberty said...

Looks beautiful, Anne! Thanks for posting it! I now see what I did wrong with mine! I missed the ring between the clovers on the last round, so mine curves in, will make a beautiful bun cover though! I have such a hard time with clovers! How do you make yours so perfect and lay so smooth!?! Mine look like they are about to take off in flight!
E (s2t) from class