Sunday, March 22, 2009

Raskt skjerf

Kom over noe nytt garn her om dagen, Funny. Ett nøste, 6 masker, rettstrikk og etter knappe to timer et lite skjerf.

English summary
A small skarf made out of Funny yarn.


Sewicked said...

That is some funny yarn. How does it feel?

AnneB said...

It feels - um -funny. Nice soft result though - and warm.

H J Hess said...

Hello Anne,
The scarf is lovely. So plump and fuzzy! Universal Yarn sells this yarn here and calls it Rozetti COCOON. Did you crochet or tricot? Where did you find the pattern? Or did you create the pattern? Would love to know.

AnneB said...

It is knitted in garter stitch, 6 stitches per row - hence the speed. The pattern was at the inside of the band of the ball.